Equipment that you need

As technology continues to move, the remote control will become more popular and more accessible to the public. Not only can people monitor their homes for intruders, they can check up on the babysitter, or your children, and they can do it anywhere they can find your computer. If you have decided that an external camera system is right for your home, you need to decide on what type of installation you want and what type of equipment you need.

Analog Closed Circuit Television System with Network DVR

One type of system that you could put the analog closed circuit television (CCTV) system. Start by installing analog cameras around your home in key positions. Then connect this with analog coaxial cable to the DVR or digital video recorder. This is then connected to a Local Area Connection (LAN) to the network switch, which is then connected to the computer with the Internet. The great thing about this system is that you can monitor your home from any computer with Internet access. You can also operate the system from any computer and setup some even allow you to monitor both pre-recorded video and live feeds.

Network Video Camera with video servers

Another remote surveillance system you could try using video servers. This system employs analog cameras connected by coaxial cables to video servers. These are connected by a LAN network switch that is connected to the Internet to your computer. In this configuration, however, video management software is required for your computer, but off-site recording is still possible.

Systems Network Camera

This system uses a digital camera to compress video in itself. These are cameras which are then connected to a LAN network switch and then carries images to your computer screen. The benefits of this system include high resolution images better see what is happening in the video, greater flexibility and the ability to adjust the camera angles and sound remotely.

The main components for each system are somewhat similar, but they depend on where the video is compressed, wither in the camera itself or through a DVR or video server. You should always determine the essential monitoring needs are before you invest in a particular system. This will help you decide which organization will best serve remote surveillance needs and how much equipment you need to buy.

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